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In the news , there are big moves to make virtually all medicinal herbs (so think your St Johns Wort, Echinechea, Vervain, Aloe Vera etc etc etc) , illegal, in spring 2011 across the European Union.

If you disagree with these plans, please see
If you have any concerns about this, sign the petition here: and Contact your MEP here

The “Resurrection Plan“. A new hope for land and people.

villageAs we wrote recently, because of some circumstances we have been forced to elaborate alternative plan for Sunland location and development. And now our new Resurrection Plan originated as a result of this elaboration. What is it? What we can to offer our supporters and sympathizers around the world?

It's not a secret - in all cities in all countries there are large communities of anarchists, radical artists, ecologists, representatives of subcultures, and all those people who don't fit in with the normative rules of modern society. Searching the way out from stifling atmosphere of this tainted world they try to find some free spaces at least small and poor. So, if they achieve this they often resort to the practice of squatting. But their new Home is often threatened in the cases if some greedy rustlers have an eye on that place. Given this we modified the idea of squatting (though this modification occasioned by the actual situation in Russia).

As a result of so called "democratic reforms" the terrible mass depopulation befell Russia. More of all it concerns Russian countryside. And now many villages in Russia stand absolutely deserted. For eg. 2.500 from 8.000 villages in Pskov region (N.-W. Russia) are uninhabited. For the outside observer, it seems like some kind of genocide and more over - destroying traditional forms of living.

Also, our Resurrection Plan means that: 1) we must to find suitable empty villages, 2) go there to the reconnoiter, 3) select the most convenient place, 4) organize the first group settlers and volunteers, 5) legalize our eco-village with local authorities.

Certainly, first of all we figure on the Russian anarchists, libertarians, radical ecologists, artists and all those Russian young people who eager to the spiritual renovation. But our foreign friends have to watch the cause. This horrible monster - THE STATE (damn it forever and ever, amen!) - is the same everywhere. Far and wide where the state stretches its paws the life becoming intolerable (note this case). Because Freedom is indivisible, our foreign friends have to ready to come to the aid of Sunland in case of troubles.

Sunland Commune.

N.-W. Russia.

Wednesday XVII Virt, I Year S.E.

The Sunland project team.
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I have had to get cheapo earphones for my MP3 player of late, and they dont last very long, with the result I have quite a few busted piars hanging about. I dont like to throw away, but does anyone know somewhere in the UK that might take them for recycling, that I can post them to? 

This summer in Sunland commune!

This summer in Sunland commune!So, Sunland project revives after a while. Many people advised us in due time that we had to buy some plot of land on the mainland to arrange experimental settlement, Sunland commune in testing regime. And now we can proudly say to all who are interested in Sunland project - Yes, we've done it! 

We became owners of 2 hectares (about 5 acres) in one of the most beautiful places of Nothern-West Russia - in the Luga's lakes area (it is about 130 km or 80 miles from Saint-Petersburg). We can set to work right now. Currently we already have the plan of development of the settlement. We plan to go in for farming. We plan to go in for farming to provide our commune total self-sufficiency. Some Russian Activist of the Sunland idea will go there in the next few days in order that start the practical work. Certainly, we are heartily inviting all our foreign supporters to participate in the cause. You might come to us for few days or few months or for the rest of the life... So, you can request more details via email



The photos of the area below: 
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Electric Vehicle Day - Sat 10th April

Evening all,

just in case some of you haven't seen this.

There is a national Electric Vehicle one-day conference in Manchester on Saturday 10th April.

Open to the public, it looks set to be a great event.

More info, and book online (before the deadline), here:


(Link to buy tickets towards the top of the page - idea of what the programme
contains towards the bottom of the page).

Hope to bump into some of you there.



The soil association are currently trying to save our bees by getting neonicotinoids banned in this country. To sign the petition and for more information, go here
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Why Sunland project is absolutely possible and why it has to be done?

Many people are constantly asking us: “How are you going to arrange proper living conditions and other facilities for the sunlanders? How are you going to organize Sunland’s economy?” Some people even express doubts in our fairness, while quite the contrary others reproach us in unrealism and keenness on empty fantasies. In this short article I shall try to prove that the Sunland project is a genuine project and more over its significance goes beyond the framework of an ordinary settlement in some obscure location.

What we want to create on Sunland? If people think that we want to create some kind of village with customary middle-class conditions like in any American town, they are wrong. We want to demonstrate an alternative living style.
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I want to descale my kettle using vinegar but am confused by conflicting advice when I tried to do a Google search. Has anyone tried this and what do you do? Thanks in advance :)
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As I only have access to a paved garden (grrr) I grow a lot of vegetables/ herbs in large plant tubs. Now with the way things are, I want to grow a lot more this coming year and I dont have enough large tubs (which, to buy new are hideously expensive)... Freecycle aside (I think I have pretty much exhausted all the supply of given-away large tubs in my area too, hehe) I was thinking of using some large plastic rubble-sacks (which I can get for next to nothing) as planters, as in they are very strong, and about the right size. I wondered if anyone had tried this, and if they encountered any specific issues with the idea. (bearing in mind I know they wouldnt last more than a year or two which doesnt thrill me waste-wise).